Green and white Christmas tree with white lights and a white and black Jack Skellington ornament, green Grinch ornament, blue Sally ornament, black and white Scream ornament, and black and red Krampus Cam ornament.

Keeping Spooky Season Alive During the Winter Holidays

Here at Spooktacular Tea, if you couldn’t guess we love Halloween! All things October, spooky season, orange, black, haunted, you name it - we love it. But we know that spooky season in a traditional sense ends for many after October 31st. As the famous Tik Tok FarrahFlawless says, Halloween is never over, Halloween is a lifestyle, Halloween is a feeling, Halloween is FOREVER. 

Spooky season brings us feelings of nostalgia and coziness and doesn't revolve around a date, rather it’s a part of who we are. As zillennials, we’ve been through a lot in our short lives so far.  We aren’t going to rehash that but we recognize that life can be scary and simply trying to exist can be a real challenge. Sometimes you just need something comforting that will give you that extra boost of serotonin to get through the day. 

For us and we suspect for our fellow spooky friends, sometimes there can be an overwhelming feeling of dread in the days leading up to and immediately following Halloween knowing that the traditional spooky season is over. Our favorite time of year - coming and going again all too quickly! The good news is, Halloween is forever. We’re here to give you our top three tips to help you keep the post spooky season blues away by enjoying the Holiday season while keeping the spooky season feelings alive!

  1. Keep out a spooky decoration (or 2 or all of them) and find a way to incorporate them into your Holiday decor
  2. Have a cozy reading or spooky movie night. Make things extra spooky with tea, maybe even Spooktacular Tea (shameless plug)
  3. Find a local ghost tour, spooky location, or unique store that interests you!

Happy Holidays and enjoy A Spooky Good Brew!

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