They Don’t Want Flowers and Chocolate for Valentine’s Day, They Want Spooky Fun

They Don’t Want Flowers and Chocolate for Valentine’s Day, They Want Spooky Fun

As Valentine’s Day approaches and you are looking for a little something for that special spooky person in your life, why not get them something they actually want. Their favorite Holiday might be Halloween but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on other Holidays. You just need to know how to turn Valentine’s Day into Valloween! 

If your special spooky person loves gifts, here’s a few spooktacular ideas. 

1. Spooktacular Tea Company - Our tea is the perfect gift for your spooky special someone! The crowds are wild on Valentine’s Day so why not order a pizza, watch a scary movie and enjoy a spooky good brew? And good news, we have a Buy One, Get One Sale on all tea until February 15th! The first few orders will receive a free Be My Boo sticker!

2. Spooky Candle - Who doesn’t love a good candle? Bonus points if it’s spooky, of course. There are so many amazing small businesses but here’s one shop that we love Witchy Wick Candle Co

3. Ghost Glass Cup - The perfect drinking glass for iced tea, iced coffee, water or whatever your special ghoul friend likes to drink. 

If your boo prefers an experience over a gift, we got you covered with these to die for ideas.

1. A cozy and creepy night in!

- Have a horror movie marathon of classic horror movies or more recent like The Conjuring movies.

- Have a Ghost Adventures marathon, put a fun spin on it and take a drink every time Aaron says “dude” or “bro”.

- Play a horror video game, such as Until Dawn or Five Nights at Freddy’s if you really feel like being terrified.

2. Who needs dinner and a movie when you can do dinner and ghost tour?

- Take your ghoul friend out to their favorite restaurant and do a local ghost tour.

3. Want to make it a weekend getaway?

- Stay in Old Town San Diego - As San Diego locals, we love to visit Old Town San Diego. Stay at the haunted Cosmopolitan Hotel, eat great Mexican food and go on a night tour of America’s Most Haunted House, the Whaley House

- Stay at the Queen Mary in Long Beach - We actually stayed here one time with friends and we can confirm it is quite a creepy experience.

- Spend the weekend in Vegas to visit Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum - I mean do we even need to explain? This is the only reason to go to Vegas now. 

Happy Valloween and enjoy A Spooky Good Brew!

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